La Guarida

La Guarida is the name we embody when we become physically present in a space, or when we occupy a location for a period of time.


Art licks WEEKEND 2018

For Art Lick Weekend 2018 MilesKm presented La Guarida (The Hideout), a two-day event at FILET in Hoxton. The event responded to this year’s Art Licks’ theme of ‘peripheries’, through a showcase of our history as a collaborative research programme, discussing current strategies for collectivity and introducing our next project TREGUA 2019/20.

The first part of the event included an installation in the form of an anthropological museum showcasing a film and objects from the six projects the collective has initiated over the past seven years. This was an attempt to unpick and illuminate how groups can successfully exist in the periphery, whilst revealing what has gone wrong at times and make a record of the learning outcomes.

MilesKm is, itself, an expert of navigating and existing in the periphery. Be it on the peripheries of the ‘art world’, the arts education system or the geography of the spaces it has inhabited. The group has lasted for seven years and has plans to continue to operate, producing research and residency programmes that challenge the existing models of how art oriented groups should aim to exist.

MilesKm has never attempted to operate in the centre of the bubble, but is more interested in finding opportunity and collaboration on the fringes. A research platform that has championed operating locally, in conjunction with thinking internationally, developing tactics to undertake its work without funding and constantly overstretching itself in its desire to think and act big.

Alongside the installation, MilesKm, hosted a participatory seminar on the 7th of October, contextualising our upcoming open call for TREGUA 2019/20 - A traveling circus of Europe. The seminar asked, “What allows a truce to be achieved? How can individuals and communities negotiate towards equitous and mutually supportive co-existence?” The seminar was followed by a potluck.

‘La Guarida’ was shortlisted by Artquest for the Workweek Prize 2018, among three other projects.


la guarida fiesta

Come and celebrate MilesKm temporary physical hideout / burrow/ headquarters with an arts film night and a party afterwards! 

Showing work by:
- Demelza Watts
- Pedro Moreira 
- Benji Jeffrey
- Mati Jhurry
- Sophie Rogers
- Luis Amalia
- Sam Williams 

We will be fundraising for our 2018 project PACTO
£5 entry with one drink included !
We will also sell popcorn and sandwiches