For 2014's edition, we called for discursive art projects revolving around collectivity and the concept of community to be developed in a lost farm during 10 days by all the participant artists. We welcomed ideas for workshops, theories, songs, meals or any creative utopias. We all shared a living and working space and everyone got involved in everyone's projects.


Bread & Tape - Elena Zipster

Berlin, Germany

As a collective, creative and sensual action I propose for the residence to make bread. Regarding the collective work I would like to investigate about how it is possible to make creativity independent of the individual and pass it to a group or split it up into pieces that in the end might be put together again to express a collective idea.

Festival of Conversations - Irene Sánchez Izquierdo

Guadalajara, Spain

A prototype as a self-managed festival trying to recover the traditions of " the outdoors " conversations that occur in towns and even in small neighborhoods of the public urban environment. Try to influence on the appropriation of public space, open and horizontal education and the management from the "micro". The objective is to recover the exchange between neighbors and the community, generating encounters.

Analysis and creation of our own festivity - Marta Goro

Madrid, Spain

It focuses on identifying the popular festivity as the embodiment of the collective consciousness born of a distinctive culture in time and space.
The project proposes an 8 days anthropological exercise during which we'll identify and record patterns about living in residence , artists , community and culture , in order to recognize the parameters that will be developed in the popular festival.

Quest - Nancy Allen

London, UK

I propose a quest. We would set out as a group looking for something. It is not specified exactly what this could be. Encountered objects/ views could be weighed up on their recognisability, physical abilities or perhaps ubiquity.

Find Your Stone - Miguel S Bastida

Madrid, Spain

Find your Stone is a collaborative practice project that intends to bring art and everyday life closer by creating a dialogue between material and emotional memory, fragment and site, individual and society. Its objective is to create a platform for interaction between creators and people interested in the artistic practice, in order to create and participate in the process of a common project.

Performance Workshop - Declan Jenkins

London, UK

Workshop around practical methods and creative techniques of performance.
Also hosting “The Day Performance Art Died”, a tweet commenting on Jay-Z performing Picasso baby at Pace gallery with Marina Abramoviç.

Pausible - Marta Amorós

based in Berlin, Germany

Jogging is the more accessible sport to practice that brings the chance to physically experience about oneself together with the group and in relation to the group (group that must regulate itself). I thought that debate and reflection would happen by themselves once we were working as a group. The project would consist of a training week divided in two daily activities: going jogging in the morning and taking care of the body pressure in the afternoons. The Body Pressure exercises would take place in the afternoon, and hey would be composed of two parts: 10 minutes full-body stretching routine and a round of Body Pressure’s meditation. This will be based on Bruce Nauman's homonym piece, whose instructions will be read out loud.

What we've learned while walking - Will Slater

London, UK

A journey on foot being the work itself, where we see how walking as a replacement of public transport can change one's perception of their area, and help investigate people's conflicts with modernity.

A Documentation of Possibilities - Demelza Watts

London, UK

I would like to propose a group work created collaboratively through text. Each participant on the residency would be invited to propose and describe an artwork/idea/manifesto/declaration etc., only through the medium of text and written language. I will then curate these pieces together to form a collective work made up of words alone. This will form an exhibition or show if you will, a sort of MilesKm novel, a documentation of possibilities.

Nomic - Chistopher Lawrence

London, UK

Nomic is a game created in 1982 by philosopher Peter Suber in which the rules of the game include mechanisms for the players to change those rules, usually beginning through a system of democratic voting. For the MilesKm we will try to adapt it to the residency.