In 2012 MilesKm hosted its second event in London, United Kingdom. This event was an opportunity for the MilesKm to continue its investigation around the themes of international collaboration, collectivity and language.

Using the same format as in the previous year, over 30 artists were invited to London to be hosted by their pre assigned London based collaborators.
Two months prior to arriving in London, the artists from Spain, Greece, Holland and France where paired with their London based counterparts, allowing them to work together for a sustained period of time to work remotely before meeting in London.

This project culminated with an exhibition at the Bussey Building in Peckham, an opportunity to show the collaborative projects undertaken by the MilesKm participants and for a number of local musicians to perform.

A spoken word event was also held at Tooting Market the following day in collaboration with the Tooting Book Club.

Video: Miguel Marina y Fernando Cazallas

Music: Robert Miles