PACTO is a research project that aims to explore communal negotiation of autonomy




PACTO encouraged a dynamic dialogue around how artistic action can be a vehicle for enquiry and an apparatus for creating lines of agonistic discourse and empathy building. PACTO proposed: What is communal negotiation of autonomy? 

During PACTO all participants were active members in shaping its ongoing format, defining the terms of the proposition as a group, assisting other members theoretically and practically, playing a role in organising the logistical aspects of their individual and collective research. Central to the project was a desire to undertake the research collectively, through collaboration and reflection on individual actions and their outcomes. Important to PACTO was the participants' role as authors of the project's structure to shape the format that suits our shared aims. 

PACTO started in September 2017. Divided into focused months where each participant's research took a central position within the groups collective response to the research statement. Each participant proposed a line of research in response to the current central proposition and their ideal residency location during one of the months. 

PACTO supported the proposals and as a group collectively developed the research methods and helped make the residencies happen logistically. 
During PACTO’s initial 9 months the group came together in three 10-day residencies. At the beginning of the process they all met in Athens at Bark Artist Residency (Sept 2017), then at a farm in Galicia, where a local resident, Elena, hosted the group (March 2018) and at the end of the project at MACAO in Milan (July 2018). During these residencies the group cohabited in the same place to discuss PACTO and the body of collective research that was born from it.

At the end of the last residency the members decided to continue, and founded PACTO as an independent collective. Find out more: