Dear Sue

Due to the financial crisis we went through because of the Volvo breakdown, we had to cancel one of our planned stops, Hay Studios in Cornwall. In response to this absence, we have made a love letter, we have made a love song.


TAP water!

We made it to Southend! Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our last destination!

We are also gutted about having to cancel one of our destinations, HAY STUDIOS in Cornwall. We are writing them a letter which we'll publish shortly.

Tanteo needs your help!

Tanteo needs your help!

One of the vehicles that the Tanteo project secured to travel around the UK this summer unfortunately broke down very early during our travels. The group has been arranging alternative travel options for half of the group ever since. This has meant that the project's budget for travel has been stretched and we are now in need of your support.

We are asking for any donations, big or small, to help us get to our final location in Southend. Any amount will help and will be gratefully received. These donations, in conjunction with various fundraising events that we are arranging for the coming weeks, will go along way and mean that the group will be able to achieve its collective and individual aims without the added financial burden.


If you are unable to donate, but feel you have other resources that might help us get to Southend from Cardiff then please contact us at


Thanks to those who have already kindly donated:

Nastassja Jade Simensky

Jesus Francisco Lerios

Mark & Sarah Harris

Clara Walsh

Nicola Shaill

Kim Bryant

Nikki Shaill

Juan Ramón Silva

& Luli Pérez.

Update: Glasgow, Lake District & the Merz Barn


It has been a while since our last update, at least two weeks spanning two locations and hosts!

In the last few days of our stay at NN contemporary arts, in Northampton, the group approached the MilesKm team (Warren & Nora), to discuss the schedule that we had both taken responsibility for organizing up until that point. The major issue suggested by the group was not necessarily the nature of the schedule, although many of the group identified that it was unnecessarily hectic, but rather the way in which us authoring the schedule separated us from the group and cemented a divided between us, as ‘facilitators’ and them as ‘participants’.

The format of the schedule to this point had also failed to recognize and allow space for more informal exchange between the participants. With a heavily structured format, with little down time centered around the group spending time together, the group was tired and simultaneously frustrated with how the most valuable dialogues they had been developing, over a pint, a cigarette and between the workshops were not being given time to breath or recognized as important.

From this discussion, we made the decision to let the group to author the schedule collectively. The format of the schedule was discussed, the group deciding that a flexibility was needed to recognize the different contexts we were going to be operating in whilst also taking into account the shifting nature of the groups individual and collaborative research. The group then began fitting in their requests for time into the chosen format for Glasgow and that night the group authored schedule was uploaded to this site.

(It is worth noting here that rather than bridging the gap between the ‘facilitators’ and the ‘participants’, we thought at the time that it would be best to withdraw from the process, allowing the schedule to be organized by the group. This was an error in judgement as it only further defined us as different to the group, and further isolated us from the group. I hope to expand on this shortly.)


Off the back of this conversation, the group headed to Glasgow. The format for the week that was chosen by the group meant that the beginning of the week was open to more informal moments of exchange and allowed for the group to explore and grow to understand the city better. I found Glasgow to be an incredibly rich city, full of a wealth of warm and friendly people, a city vibrant with discussion, operating at a pace unlike any of our previous location and full of exciting architectural juxtaposition.

In Glasgow we were being hosted by Single End Collective, who have a space in the Barras Market. Arriving on a Monday meant that we did not see the market in action until the following Saturday and Sunday. Barras Market is very much a weekend market, a ghost town during the week (apart from the occasional late night shanty being shouted into the air) the market exploded into life at the weekend. Fortuitously we had scheduled our public workshops on the weekend, meaning that we were able, in a small way, to contribute to the vibrancy of this growing site of community (weekend) life.

Glasgow presented us with our most considerable challenge in regards to our sleeping arrangements. The previous three weeks had been painless in this regard as we jumped from disparate flat sharing across London, to the domestic setting in Bournemouth, to the cold but well equipped student apartments in Northampton. In Glasgow we were sleeping and preparing food in the gallery space that we were also using as a workspace. The gallery space was not meant to be used as a living space, we were very aware of this fact and the group happily went about settling in. Air beds, mattress rolls and double sleeping bags were used to combat the hard floor and evening temperatures. Many in the group had restless sleep during the week and navigating the differing sleeping patterns of the group (some early to bed, other rising late) was a challenge. I personally would like to know more about how the group felt this impacted on the week and whether it has caused concerns that the similar arrangements in our upcoming hosts is a daunting and effecting prospect.


We left Glasgow the following monday, heading towards the Lake District. A short drive and a slightly longer train journey took us to the Merz Barn. Our home for the following week. I observed how extraordinarily quickly the group settled into this new environment. A small plot of farm and wood land, right in the midst of the Lake District, with modest facilities, that was the home of artist Kurt Schwitters in the post war years. The contrast to the previous locations was incredibly strong and the mood in the group went from predominantly tired and slightly disheveled to refreshed and buoyant in an extraordinarily quick time. One of the group stated an hour after arriving, “This is my favorite place, I’ve already decided.

I believe that the week at the Merz Barn has been restorative for the group in many ways. The group made the decision to not schedule in any workshops, apart from the workshop delivered by Marta Amorós who was visiting us for a week. This meant the group was free to explore the beautiful locality, while exploring the potential for collaboration and the lines of connection between their research projects in an informal environment.

The Merz Barn is an incredible space run by Littoral Arts. Kurt Schwitters came to the United Kingdom as a refugee, a degenerate artist in the eyes of the Nazis. He made his home near a small farm in Ambleside, after being invited to live and work there by the farms owner Harry Pierce. Schwitters began his newest Merzbarn, working on it until his death. The wall of the Merbarn has been moved to Hatton gallery in Newcastle, however the barn that housed it and the atmosphere of the merz remains. The farm is no being used as a space to recognize and celebrate the influence of Schwitters. As well as a site for artists to retreat to, to make work and recharge. Something that the Tanteo group needed and took advantage of.


On the second to last night at the Merz Barn, while sitting around the fire, the group initiated a well needed and subsequently useful conversation. Primarily the discussion centered around the groups observation that as facilitators, the MilesKm team (Nora & Warren), were distancing ourselves from the project whilst simultaneously undermining one of our clear goals within the project, to create a democratic space. Many in the group were concerned that due to this we were both limiting our ability to engage in the project and creating a gap between ourselves and other members of the group. It was suggested that this was not solely due to the heirarchy we were imposing on to the group but also through taking on all of the burden from the logistical and practical elements of the project, primarily the financial stresses associated with the project (especially since the break down of one of our vehicles).

I do believe that through allowing ourselves to become trapped in the same hierarchical issues that we are critical of has lead to some particular issues surrounding our ability to engage with the participants as collaborators and has unnecessarily distanced the group from some of the central decisions we have made on their behalf. Three questions that I now want to go away and think about are; how did we allow ourselves to become stuck in a model of organization that we are instinctively uncomfortable with? What impact has this had on the project and the research being undertaken individually and collectively? And how best can we learn from this experience when approaching our future projects?

This question of how can we learn from this experience when we begin to earnestly plan next year's project is not us admitting defeat in regards to this year's project. In fact the conversation has lead to a genuinely exciting moment, a genuine moment of discovery for us the MilesKm team and the group. It does bare saying however that when planning next year, we need to be a lot more sophisticated in how we understand and define our roles in building the architecture of the project and the differing role once the project is embarked on. A shift in role is required.


Some of us have now arrived in Dundee, slightly staggered due to the challenging travel arrangements, working in the makers space of the Fleet collective. Once we have all arrived we, as a group, have decided it will be useful to sit down together to discuss the project in its totality, putting everything on the table, begin the process of spreading the responsibility of the project. A chance, a break, for us to redefine the group. Not split between two factions, facilitators and participants, but as one group, the Tanteo group. Hopefully this chance to discuss the projects final month, raise any criticism about the project so far and bring everyone involved in this years project up to date with what conversations have already taken place about next year's project.

We have now passed the half way point! 


Next week Tanteo will be based at the Single End Collective's artist led space in the New Barras Art and Design building.

During our time in Glasgow we will be running a series of workshops, film screenings, a supper club and reading group discussions, which will be open to anyone who would like to participate. 


11 till 4 - Christopher Lawrence - Nomic workshop - Join the Tanteo group as they are introduced to the philosophical game Nomic. There will be a break for lunch at 1.

Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is a move. In that respect it differs from almost every other game. The primary activity of Nomic is proposing changes in the rules, debating the wisdom of changing them in that way, voting on the changes, deciding what can and cannot be done afterwards, and doing it. Even this core of the game, of course, can be changed.
— Peter Suber, The Paradox of Self-Amendment

- Film Screening - Tanteo will be screening the Spanish film 'Noviembre' at the Single End Collective project space. Drinks will be available on donations. Come along!

Still from 'Noviembre', 2003. Director: Achero Mañas. Spain. 104 min

Still from 'Noviembre', 2003. Director: Achero Mañas. Spain. 104 min


12 till 2 - Jess Bryant - Rename to Reclaim - Meeting outside the Single End Collective project space.

3 - Erina Kawachi - An exploration of how we understand our body within its context and how we connect to our internal self through movement. A movement based workshop, all abilities welcome.

5 - Nora Silva - Reading group discussion - Nora Silva will lead a discussion around an extract from 'Indignez Vous', a publication by Stephane Hessel. The extract will be reading and talking about can be found here.


Morning - Rosa Luz - Performance, location to be confirmed.

Come along to any of the events listed above. More will be added and update as the week progresses. 

Look out Glasgow, we are on our way!


Radio Tanteo will be broadcasting live from Northampton from 5:30pm (1730 GMT+1)

Listen live at

"The first broadcast of Radio Tanteo, a traveling radio station producing an array of programs intending to show how an alternative history can be remembered and recorded through a dissident group. This will be broadcast in the project space at NN contemporary as well as online. Link will be posted later."



We left Bournemouth on Tuesday morning and arrived in Northampton with only half the group.

Saying goodbye to Sarah & Mark of SIX projects, Bournemouth.

Saying goodbye to Sarah & Mark of SIX projects, Bournemouth.

Due to a series of unfortunate faults with the engine of one of our vehicles we had to split the group in half for the first time, half of the group heading on to Northampton and the rest heading back to London with the out of action motor. 


The half of the group that headed to Northampton arrived at our accommodation in good time. During our time in Northampton we are staying in a brand new, modern build student halls for Northampton University students. The building is incredibly strange, with a high level of security, an abundance of glass and brushed metal and a daunting lack of character. How students are expected to live in this environment baffles the group, it strikes us as an incredibly isolating environment, where the shared areas are full of lockable cupboards, each room has stark bright lights and the corridors seemed to be designed so you cannot see from one end to the other.


We were welcomed by an incredibly helpful and friendly staff at the student halls. Helping us find the best local second hand bookshop, helping us navigate the extensive security systems onsite and being genuinely interested in who we are and what we are up to.


The following morning was spent exploring the 'Cultural Quarter' of Northampton, before heading to NN contemporary art Northampton for our first day of work in the space. The project space, where we will be based for the duration of our time in Northampton, looks like it will be a productive site for our work, an open space in a vibrant gallery, with an incredibly cosy cafe. That afternoon the rest of the group arrived, slightly tired and ready to catch up on missed sleep after some long journeys. It was good to get the band back together.


Our second day was a free day for our participants, although many chose to spend the day in the NN project space working on their various projects and making use of the coffee sold in cafe. Others explored Northampton in greater depth and the discovery of a local lazer quest was a particularly exciting find.

To get involved and find out what we are up to over the next few days at NN check out our schedule.


We are excited to announcing our public schedule for our time in Northampton with NN Contemporary Arts. All events and workshops will be taking place in the NN contemporary project space, unless stated overwise.


From 12 - Tanteo - Members of the Tanteo project will be in the project space at NN, discussing their on going project. All welcome to attend and join in the conversation.

2 till 4 - Katarina Stadler - One of our TANTEO participants will be floating around Northampton Town Centre attempting to initiate a process of collective writing. To find out more about the project check out the website at

From 4 - Tanteo - Tanteo will be showing solidarity with the people of Greece, as part of the day of events being organised around the world under the banner of ‘OXI’. Northampton Guildhall, St. Giles Square, NN1 1DE


10 till 1 - Jess Bryant - Reclaim/Rename workshop. Meeting outside NN contemporary.

2 till 4 - Katarina Stadler - An oppertunity to discuss one of the texts recommended by Kat Stadler as part of her Collective Writing Intervention at the NN contemporary arts. The text being reflected on is Sergei Eisenstein's 'The Problem of the Materialist Approach to Form' (1925), the text can be found here.

5 till 6 - Stella Barron - The first broadcast of Radio Tanteo, a traveling radio station producing an array of programs intending to show how an alternative history can be remembered and recorded through a dissident group. This will be broadcast in the project space at NN contemporary as well as online. Link will be posted later.


12 till 1 - Anna Daneilewicz - 'General Warm up of all faculties', Be prepared to shake it out and sing it out! Meeting outside NN contemporary.

Morning - Rosa Luz - Rosa Luz will be ending a two week long performance of silence during the morning, on a predetermined route around Northampton town centre. Route will be announced on the morning of the event.

2 till 5 - Tanteo - An opportunity for some of the core group, and MilesKm co-founder Nora Silva, to present their work, research and some of their ideas about art, economy or life. 

5 till 6 - Warren Andrews & Bob Leviathan - MilesKm co-director will be in conversation with artist extrodinare Bob Leviathan, a young prodigy, an emerging artist, a legendary figure within the art scene, a seminal voice and an artist well remembered.


12 till 1 - Erina Kawachi - An exploration into how we understand our body within its context and how we connect to our internal self through movement. A movement based workshop, all abilities welcome.

2 till 4 - Rosa Luz - Tanteo will be holding a discussion at NN contemporary arts  Rosa Luz's two week Silence performance which ended the previous evening.

4 till 6 - Anna Daneilewicz - Do you think that we always long to be what we aren’t? Sometimes it’s easier to understand your own position through putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. It may take a lot to be an actor – but even halfway between Hollywood and the supermarket, are we not performing a self? An opportunity to play a version of a game that fits into a series of events that looks at the socioeconomic conditions which make art practice possible.


We are excited to finally be able to announce our publice schedule for our time in Bournemouth with SIX projects.


1 till 5 - Rowan de Freitas - Come and help contribute to the TANTEO newsletter. Come and share personal stories about Bournemouth and Boscombe, including some of it's cultural and creative landmarks.

Location: The Old School House. Address/Map

1 till 5 - Stella Barron - The Dancing School presents RADIO TANTEO. Come as you are, come as you aren't, create a myth surrounding Tanteo, what are we doing in the house on Sunnyhill Road? Bring a story, a song, a poem, a list, a love letter, observations, obsessions, character traits you wish you saw in me, bring a character, please.

Location: The Old School HouseAddress/Map

2 till 4 - Katharina Stadler - One of our TANTEO participants will be floating around the Boscombe pedestrian zone attempting to initiate a process of collective writing. To find out more about the project check out the website at 

Location: Booscombe pedestrian area

- Katharina Stadler - An oppertunity to discuss one of the texts recommended by Kat Stadler as part of her Collective Writing Intervention at the Crooked Book. The text being reflected on is Aleksandr Bogdanov's 'The Paths of Proletarian Creation' (1920), the text can be found here.

Location: The Crooked Book.


9 till 11 - Anna Daneilewicz - 'General Warm up of all faculties', Be prepared to shake it out and sing it out! 

Location: The Fishermans Walk Bandstand

11 till 12 - Tanteo - The Tanteo group will be attending Bournemouth's Pride parade in support of LGBT communities in the area and across the world. More Information.

2 till 4 - Katharina Stadler - One of our TANTEO participants will be floating around the Boscombe pedestrian zone attempting to initiate a process of collective writing. To find out more about the project check out the website at 

Location: Booscombe pedestrian area

2 - Erina Kawachi - 'Respiration is Inspiration', Workshop exploring breathing and the voice led by Japanese artist & choreograher Erina Kawachi.

Location: The beachfront





From 1:30 - Rosa Luz - A durational performance centered around a repetitive action. More information.


10 till 5 - Bevis Fenner & Noriko Suzuki-BoscoWhat happens when you see a place through someone else’s eyes?
Based on the understanding that tourism offers a way of shaping people’s experience of reality through narrative, this day long project – led by artists Bevis Fenner and Noriko Suzuki-Bosco – questions the definition of authentic experience when a place is seen through someone else’s eyes. This also brings into question the notion of authorship in tourism and art. Specifically referring to Foucault's concerns about who authorises the author within 'the functioning conditions of specific discursive practices', we hope to facilitate an imaginative environment in which participants are able to mediate between personally authentic place meanings and those authorised by cultural and institutional discourse to develop their own versions of the truth (Foucault, 1998). Indeed, our belief in narratives or histories as absolute truths, limits our experience of reality. Experiencing a place through someone else’s eyes not only questions the authenticity of experience but also allows us to engage with reality as imaginative play. Through processes of deconstructing / reconstructing 'reality' and authoring / de-authoring 'work', the project hopes to move beyond representational discourses and to re-negotiate the 'truths' of place.

The event takes place outside and involves walking!

Free time and Travelling

During the duration of Tanteo, we will be designating free days for the core participants. We imagine that these days will have a multitude of uses for the group. An opportunity to explore their research project from a individual perspective, to explore the location we are visiting, for informal conversation, to relax, get away from the group or get to know the group better and to work on other commitments.

On Monday 6th, our last day staying on the periphery of London, we had our first free day. For us this day was an opportunity to resolve some of the last minute logistical components of our travel arrangements and for our participants to served some of the other means discussed above. Documentation of these more informal moments will must likely be captured and shared through the mapping project being organised by Rowan de Freitas, which can be found here.

Tuesday morning was an early start as we planned to get on the move as early as possible and start our journey from Croydon to Bournemouth. We spent a long time trying to fit the ever expanding amount of stuff we and our participants have for the travel, a considerably difficult task. A need to shed some of the stuff we are travelling with has become a priority.


Our first Journey, a 100 mile trip from Tooting to Bournemouth, took a little over two hours. A pleasant drive, through a number of different weather types and through a variety of different landscapes. The hard concrete landscapes around Kingston and Guilford and the picturesque green spaces of the New Forest.

We were given an incredible warm welcome by our second host, Mark and Sarah of SIX projects. We are all staying in the houses of local artists and creatives, whose generosity we are very grateful for. We shared a meal and vibrant conversation during the evening with each other and our hosts.


Wednesday 8th will be another Free day. We will be announcing our Bournemouth public schedule as soon as possible.


The last two days of the Tanteo project has revolved around a public schedule of workshops organised and run by our core participants and some invited local artists.

Tom Winter's discussion centred around asking questions about the links between Art and Architecture and how the two disciplines could potentially work together. The conversation was wide ranging and spoke a lot to the political potential of both forms, pushing back against the plethora of invisible injunctions that we face when navigating a city centre like Croydon.

Audio of the conversation can be found here.

We were also very excited to be joined by  Luca George.  His artist talk/performance captured our attention with its demonstration of experimentation and pure energy.

We were also very excited to be joined by Luca George. His artist talk/performance captured our attention with its demonstration of experimentation and pure energy.

'It used to be Talent' was a night of live art, videos and questions marks hosted by Demelza Watts. Inspired by the wise words of Mr West, the show had a great energy and some exciting work was on show.

“I’ve reached a point in my life where my Truman Show boat has hit the painting.
— Kanye West

Sunday brought workshops by Hamish MacPherson, Anna Danielewicz and Erina Kawachi. All different in their form, but with alot of overlaps in content and output. Check out some of the documentation below.


Over the last two days the Tanteo group have been very busy. 

The main bulk of our time has been spent going through the various research project proposals of each of our participants. This has taken the format of verbal presentations of the ideas, formats, and aims of proposals and workshops by the participants in a roundtable format. These presentations served as an opportunity for discussion between the group around each outlined research proposal. The conversations where lively and rigorous, probing questions were asked of each participant and many constructive suggestions were made. A potential improvement would have been to extend the amount of time we dedicate to this process. Due to wanting to make the most of the time we have at Turf Projects, and to put on a schedule of public events, we have had to fit these series of conversations into a shorter time span. Potentially we could have used more time, to mix up the group sizes and offered our core participants the opportunity to have more one on one conversations. It is quite likely, and we have witnessed this happening on some occasions, that these one on one conversations have happened in the unscheduled, informal moments. We hope to get some feedback on this part of the process from the participants and our host institution. 

Research Proposal presentation by Hamish MacPherson at Turf Project.

Research Proposal presentation by Hamish MacPherson at Turf Project.

On Thursday evening we visited the MayDay Rooms to attend the first day of a series of open sessions centred around discussing the Schooling & Culture Journal. The Schooling & Culture Working Group have been discussing what a new issue of the journal would look like, what would it be about, who would be involved and who would it be for.

To focus and extend from these initial discussions, the S&C Working Group are hosting a week of workshops, collective readings, meetings and a public event to open up the discussion, socialise and further activate the archive. The ambition of these meetings is to explore the possibilities of producing a new issue in 2016. We had the chance to discuss the the S&C Working Groups work to reactive the MayDay Rooms archive of the Schooling and Culture Journal, a fascinating project that seems incredibly valuable. We had a chance to talk about our project and research and it was very pleasing to find a lot of common ground with this exciting venue of radical activity and the important work being undertaken by the S&C Working Group. We also had a chance to look at some of the archived journals and pamphlets that the MayDay Rooms have made available for the week of events.

On Friday morning some of the core participants visited the Croydon Museum. An unusual museum in the way that it frames the objects in its collection, however we greatly enjoyed the narratives it illustrated and the stories it told. 

The Tanteo group visiting the Croydon Museum

The Tanteo group visiting the Croydon Museum

The end of our day this Friday involved us hosting our Fourth Tanteo Research Roundtable at Turf Projects. Click here to listen to the audio from this event.

The discussion centred around the role of Research in the arts and the role of Research in artistic educational institutions. The event was started with a short prepared reading by myself, Warren Andrews, and lead into a rigorous and exciting discussion. It is our intention to ask some of those involved in to respond to the discussion, these responses will be posted on this page of the MilesKm website. If after listening to the audio track of the roundtable, you would like to submit a response or material that you feel is relevant to this and any of the previous roundtable discussions please contact us via the contact page of the website or at The roundtable was followed by a meal that was prepared during the discussion.

A panoramic photo of the meal we shared after the Fourth Tanteo Research Roundtable. 


This weekend we will be holding two days of workshops at Turf Projects. They will all be open to the public and be the first point of departure for our participants. The workshops will take multiple formats and will be a diverse collection of attempt to navigate knowledge production and mapping. The workshops have been created with a wide ranging audience in mind, so should be accessible to all that would like to attend.

Saturday 4th July

11 - Tom Winter - An introduction to the architecture of Croydon and London, an oppertuntiy to explore the the history of the area and to discuss the future of the area. Writing

1 - LUNCH, please feel free to join us for a basic lunch, cup of tea or more appropriatly a glass of water. 

3 - MilesKm - We will be discussing the online life of the Tanteo project. What do we want the space to be for? Who is it for? How does it connect to the ongoing documentation research project that is being undertaken by Rowan De Freitas.

4:15 - Luca George - 'Artist Talk', a performance based on the very notion of its act. Lying somewhere between performance, mixtape and lecture, 'Artistic Talk' is a one off event. Website

6 till 10 - 'It used to be Talent',  A night of live acts, 'It used to be Talent' is the fourth in a series of bimonthly event of moving image/live art/music by Watts Talent. Produced by Demelza Watts.    More Details

Sunday 5th July

11 - Hamish MacPherson - Ouija Parliament is a score or practice whereby a group of people use various materials to produce - without planning - a physical environment. Everyone is autonomous, no one leads, everyone is in the scene and the scene is the composite of all efforts. A form of collective improvisation with props. Website

1LUNCH, please feel free to join us for a basic lunch, cup of tea or more appropriatly a glass of water. 

1:30 - Anna Danielewicz - An oppertunity to play a version of a game that fits into a series of events that looks at the socioeconomic conditions which make art practice possible.

3:30 - Erina Kawachi - An exploration into how we understand our body within its context and how we connect to our internal self through movement. A movement based workshop, all abilities welcome.

4:30 - Jess Bryant - Throughout the day Jess Bryant will be inviting the Tanteo participants and all visitors to Turf Projects to rename the spaces and objects within the gallery. At the end of the day all are welcome to join us to reflect on this process, to explore what has been retitled, to question to see what has changed and to ask how this process might develop in the coming weeks.

Find us at TURF PROJECTS Gallery & Workspace, Keeley Road, Croydon. CR0 1TF

For more information, email us at



Tanteo will be holding its fourth research roundtable at Turf Project on Friday 3rd July 2015 at 1800.

It is our hope that this discussion will give us the opportunity to discuss to the role of research in education as well as the role of research in the artistic educational institution.

This text, the introduction to 'Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry', 2009, editted by E. Barrett & B. Bolt, would be a good introduction to this discussion, and has been a useful text when formulating the format for Tanteo.

Please join us at Turf Projects, it is our intention to provide food.



Today, Wednesday 1st July 2015, marked the beginning of Tanteo. We are all very excited to be embarking on this project.

Today has been a day of introductions. Meeting our core participants who will be joining us for the duration of the project. Introducing them to each other. Showing them their home from home for the next week. Introducing them to Tooting and to Croydon, our first locations. Getting to know the team from Turf Projects, our host institution in Croydon. Exploring the amazing space they have kindly given us free reign over. Presenting the brief history of MilesKm and outlining how we got to today. Also, and possibly most importantly, we tentatively began to introduce our new collaborators to the structure of our project, the modus operandi of Tanteo. Introducing them to the reality that they will be shaping the programme to suit their self defined research and learning needs. That we will be working collaboratively to create a vibrant, outward facing, opportunity for learning, dialogue, artistic action and institution building.

An exciting prospect. Day One complete. We are already looking forward to tomorrow. 

Arriving at Turf Projects our HQ for the next week

Arriving at Turf Projects our HQ for the next week

Introducing ourselves, whilst hiding from the hottest day of the year so far. 

Introducing ourselves, whilst hiding from the hottest day of the year so far. 

(Note: We were also introduced to Georgian wine this evening, and we were very happy to have met them.)


On the Monday 1st June Tanteo held its third research roundtable at the Chisenhale dance space.

The roundtable looked to open a discussion around the financialisation of the art school.

We invited David Cross, Reader at the University of the Arts London (UAL), to open the roundtable with a summary of his work and the role of finance within the university. David described the relationship between the UAL and the Royal Bank of Scotland and how it was leading to the university being implicit in the dangerous and devastating practices of dirty energy, including Fracking and strip mining. 

The discussion was then opened up and those in attendance, including representatives from AltMFA, The School of the Damned, The Open School East and other alternative educational projects. 

The conversation was varied and at times unfocused. Becoming more a conversation about the how the various alternative models in attendance approached raising money to fund their alternative models, with alot in attendance curious to know how Tanteo is funded. This was a relatively interesting and spritely discussion, but not focused on the theme of financialisation in arts education, it processes and impacts, as set out.

As is usual with events that have a hard deadline to finish, the discussion veered back on track near the end of our available time and was unfortunately cut short as some interesting and combative points were being made. We would particularly like to hear more from people about the role of the state in arts education, and whether we should centre our interest to change art education within the existing system or outside of it. Can a project like Tanteo exist outside of the traditional mainstream educational context and avoid devaluing it? Can a project like Tanteo exist within a traditional mainstream educational context and exercise genuine constructive critique?

To listen to the discussion, follow this link to listen to part 1 & part 2. Apologises for the quality of the sound record, in parts the microphone was unknowingly disturbed. 

For reference, prior to the roundtable we sent these two videos to the participants to watch;

They were recommended by Tom Trevatt.

Thanks to the Chisenhale dance space for kindly letting us use their amazing space and to Hamish MacPherson for organising it all on our behalf.

The next roundtable will be held at Turf Projects, Croydon on Friday 3rd August. If you would like to attend please contact us via the website.


Please find below the link to the audio recording at the Second Research Roundtable, held as part of the Tanteo Research Project.

The second roundtable offered the opportunity for those involved to reflect on the research questions decided on at the first roundtable. To find out more about these questions please refer to our previous posts. An important first step in opening up the collaborative research process, the roundtable offered MilesKm time to reflect on what the aspirations of the research project are and importantly which methodology are we aiming to deploy to achieve these aims.

The roundtable was chaired by MilesKm co-director Warren Andrews. The contributors included Jess Bryant, Stella Barron, Rowan de Freitas, Hamish MacPherson, Michael Whitby, Simin Evasi, Lucas Rodger, Ana Vincente, Pippa Kosereck, Christopher Lawrence, Tom Trevatt and Nicholas Morris. Hosted by MilesKm co-directors Nora Silva, Warren Andrews and Research coordinator Raquel Plitt at Goldsmiths University.

If you would like to contribute to this research project, or wish to respond to the conversation documented here please get in touch. MilesKm imagines the Tanteo Research Project as a collaborative endeavour.


(There may be some adult language used during the discussion, so if you are easily offended please contact us at or via the website and we will send you an edited audio file. Its nothing to bad, we promise.)


The MilesKm team are excited to confirm its second research roundtable for its current research project, Tanteo.

The second Tanteo research roundtable will take place at Goldsmiths University (RHB141) on Thursday 5th February at 1930 GMT.

This event will offer the MilesKm team and a variety of invited contributors to discuss, for the first time, the research questions decided on during the first research roundtable that took place at the RCA at the end of November 2014. These questions can be found via this research blog.

The event will be streamed live. The link to this stream will be made available in the run up to the roundtable. The stream will allow its audience to leave comments and feedback that will be incorporated into the conversation.

If you would like to know more about the research project, and to make sure you are sent the link for the stream, please email the MilesKm team at or via our website.


MilesKm is incredibly happy to announce the core participants of this summers project, Tanteo.

In 2015 MilesKm will be creating a touring Art School, moving around the UK, challenging the concept of the classroom, the roles of the student and teacher, and experimenting with different learning structures.

The overwhelming response to the project, paired with the incredible quality of the applicants has led to us being extremely confident in the quality of the participants we have chosen to join us.

The core participants of Tanteo 2015 are;


Jess Bryant

Lucas Roger

Stella Barron

Katharina Stadler

Erina Kawachi

Hamish MacPherson

Anna Danielewicz

Sam Perry

Shereen Abdo

& Bevis Fenner.


Congratulations to the above and thank you to all that applied.


More information about the research each participant will be undertaking during Tanteo will be made available soon.