We left Bournemouth on Tuesday morning and arrived in Northampton with only half the group.

Saying goodbye to Sarah & Mark of SIX projects, Bournemouth.

Saying goodbye to Sarah & Mark of SIX projects, Bournemouth.

Due to a series of unfortunate faults with the engine of one of our vehicles we had to split the group in half for the first time, half of the group heading on to Northampton and the rest heading back to London with the out of action motor. 


The half of the group that headed to Northampton arrived at our accommodation in good time. During our time in Northampton we are staying in a brand new, modern build student halls for Northampton University students. The building is incredibly strange, with a high level of security, an abundance of glass and brushed metal and a daunting lack of character. How students are expected to live in this environment baffles the group, it strikes us as an incredibly isolating environment, where the shared areas are full of lockable cupboards, each room has stark bright lights and the corridors seemed to be designed so you cannot see from one end to the other.


We were welcomed by an incredibly helpful and friendly staff at the student halls. Helping us find the best local second hand bookshop, helping us navigate the extensive security systems onsite and being genuinely interested in who we are and what we are up to.


The following morning was spent exploring the 'Cultural Quarter' of Northampton, before heading to NN contemporary art Northampton for our first day of work in the space. The project space, where we will be based for the duration of our time in Northampton, looks like it will be a productive site for our work, an open space in a vibrant gallery, with an incredibly cosy cafe. That afternoon the rest of the group arrived, slightly tired and ready to catch up on missed sleep after some long journeys. It was good to get the band back together.


Our second day was a free day for our participants, although many chose to spend the day in the NN project space working on their various projects and making use of the coffee sold in cafe. Others explored Northampton in greater depth and the discovery of a local lazer quest was a particularly exciting find.

To get involved and find out what we are up to over the next few days at NN check out our schedule.