As promised in our last research post, below you will find the link to the audio recorded at the 1st research roundtable, held as part of the Tanteo Research Project.

An enjoyable first event, centred around the formulating of the research questions that will inform our upcoming research. The language, structure and appropriateness of the questions was discussed and challenged. Please refer to the previous post for more details.

Present at the first roundtable was Warren Andrews (MilesKm co-director) Nora Silva (MilesKm co-director & co-founder), Marta Amoros, Simin Evasi, Declan Jenkins, Christopher Lawrence and Nicholas Morris. The roundtable was chaired by Demelza Watts.

(We unfortunately experienced some technical difficulties with the Skype connection that allowed Marta Amoros to contribute. This has led to loud spikes in the audio recording, so caution is recommended if you are using headphones. There is some adult language used during the discussion, so if you are easily offended please contact us at or via the website and we will send you an edited audio file. Its nothing to bad, we promise.)

If you would like to contribute to this research project, or wish to respond to the conversation documented here please get in touch. MilesKm imagines the Tanteo Research Project as a collaborative endeavour.