Free time and Travelling

During the duration of Tanteo, we will be designating free days for the core participants. We imagine that these days will have a multitude of uses for the group. An opportunity to explore their research project from a individual perspective, to explore the location we are visiting, for informal conversation, to relax, get away from the group or get to know the group better and to work on other commitments.

On Monday 6th, our last day staying on the periphery of London, we had our first free day. For us this day was an opportunity to resolve some of the last minute logistical components of our travel arrangements and for our participants to served some of the other means discussed above. Documentation of these more informal moments will must likely be captured and shared through the mapping project being organised by Rowan de Freitas, which can be found here.

Tuesday morning was an early start as we planned to get on the move as early as possible and start our journey from Croydon to Bournemouth. We spent a long time trying to fit the ever expanding amount of stuff we and our participants have for the travel, a considerably difficult task. A need to shed some of the stuff we are travelling with has become a priority.


Our first Journey, a 100 mile trip from Tooting to Bournemouth, took a little over two hours. A pleasant drive, through a number of different weather types and through a variety of different landscapes. The hard concrete landscapes around Kingston and Guilford and the picturesque green spaces of the New Forest.

We were given an incredible warm welcome by our second host, Mark and Sarah of SIX projects. We are all staying in the houses of local artists and creatives, whose generosity we are very grateful for. We shared a meal and vibrant conversation during the evening with each other and our hosts.


Wednesday 8th will be another Free day. We will be announcing our Bournemouth public schedule as soon as possible.