Please find below the link to the audio recording at the Second Research Roundtable, held as part of the Tanteo Research Project.

The second roundtable offered the opportunity for those involved to reflect on the research questions decided on at the first roundtable. To find out more about these questions please refer to our previous posts. An important first step in opening up the collaborative research process, the roundtable offered MilesKm time to reflect on what the aspirations of the research project are and importantly which methodology are we aiming to deploy to achieve these aims.

The roundtable was chaired by MilesKm co-director Warren Andrews. The contributors included Jess Bryant, Stella Barron, Rowan de Freitas, Hamish MacPherson, Michael Whitby, Simin Evasi, Lucas Rodger, Ana Vincente, Pippa Kosereck, Christopher Lawrence, Tom Trevatt and Nicholas Morris. Hosted by MilesKm co-directors Nora Silva, Warren Andrews and Research coordinator Raquel Plitt at Goldsmiths University.

If you would like to contribute to this research project, or wish to respond to the conversation documented here please get in touch. MilesKm imagines the Tanteo Research Project as a collaborative endeavour.


(There may be some adult language used during the discussion, so if you are easily offended please contact us at or via the website and we will send you an edited audio file. Its nothing to bad, we promise.)