On the Monday 1st June Tanteo held its third research roundtable at the Chisenhale dance space.

The roundtable looked to open a discussion around the financialisation of the art school.

We invited David Cross, Reader at the University of the Arts London (UAL), to open the roundtable with a summary of his work and the role of finance within the university. David described the relationship between the UAL and the Royal Bank of Scotland and how it was leading to the university being implicit in the dangerous and devastating practices of dirty energy, including Fracking and strip mining. 

The discussion was then opened up and those in attendance, including representatives from AltMFA, The School of the Damned, The Open School East and other alternative educational projects. 

The conversation was varied and at times unfocused. Becoming more a conversation about the how the various alternative models in attendance approached raising money to fund their alternative models, with alot in attendance curious to know how Tanteo is funded. This was a relatively interesting and spritely discussion, but not focused on the theme of financialisation in arts education, it processes and impacts, as set out.

As is usual with events that have a hard deadline to finish, the discussion veered back on track near the end of our available time and was unfortunately cut short as some interesting and combative points were being made. We would particularly like to hear more from people about the role of the state in arts education, and whether we should centre our interest to change art education within the existing system or outside of it. Can a project like Tanteo exist outside of the traditional mainstream educational context and avoid devaluing it? Can a project like Tanteo exist within a traditional mainstream educational context and exercise genuine constructive critique?

To listen to the discussion, follow this link to listen to part 1 & part 2. Apologises for the quality of the sound record, in parts the microphone was unknowingly disturbed. 

For reference, prior to the roundtable we sent these two videos to the participants to watch;

They were recommended by Tom Trevatt.

Thanks to the Chisenhale dance space for kindly letting us use their amazing space and to Hamish MacPherson for organising it all on our behalf.

The next roundtable will be held at Turf Projects, Croydon on Friday 3rd August. If you would like to attend please contact us via the website.