TREGUA will be a traveling circus of Europe, devised as an attempt to consolidate and/or juxtapose contemporary definitions of democracy and national & European identity through art-making, performance and collective action.

Tregua, which means truce in Spanish, will be both a spectacle of Europe and a place of inquiry, action and self-learning. Through deconstructing the narratives of European national identities, Tregua will take a shot in challenging binaries (polarisation), empowerment and repairing communities. Can we facilitate a framework of co-existence within dissensus? Can it be performed?

TREGUA will be self-organised, functioning on collaboration and exchange. Each participant will be asked to propose a talent and an event. Tregua will tour from one participant’s event to the next, putting on spectacles showcasing all the talents from the group. Once TREGUA is formed, the project will involve three stages. Firstly, the group will discuss and decide its core definitions and manifesto as well as its own structure and timeline. Secondly, the group will work on all the logistical aspects for the realisation of the circus, from finances to promotion, etc. Lastly, the group will carry out the circus. We estimate that the first and second stage will take place online during 2019 and the actual circus will tour in 2020. The exact dates are to be agreed by TREGUA. The circus can be in a tent, a field, in a church, in a supermarket, in a bowling alley, in a bank. Its appearance and touring means will be decided by TREGUA.

TREGUA will be chosen by a selection committee formed by Holly Willats [Director, Artlicks], Russell Martin [Director, Artquest], Demelza Watts [Artist, Pea Proposals Founder, MilesKm alumni], Juan Gómez Alemán [Director, Lajuan Gallery], Warren Andrews [Artist & former Director, MilesKm] and Nora Silva and Daphne Politi [Directors, MilesKm].

Participants will be announced on the 15th of May.


  • To explore alternative structures within the arts

  • To confuse the frameworks in which we work, collaborate and show.

  • Research by attempting, making, going. We don’t wait.

  • To put ourselves through the process and theorise by doing.

  • To challenge our practice and redefine democracy.

  • The execution of a peripatetic learning space.

  • To propose a fluent definition of Europe.

  • To perform Europe

Draft Manifesto

  1. Tregua’s participants will agree on a definition for talent

  2. Talent could be anything you consider yourself to be good at, or anything you are willing to show to an audience

  3. Tregua’s participants will agree on a definition for good from point 3.

  4. This manifesto can be challenged at any point

  5. A Tregua manifesto should allow contradiction

  6. Tregua is transnational, temporary, and embodied transitorily by its members

  7. Under any circumstance Tregua would allow any form of abuse

  8. Tregua’s participants will agree on a definition for abuse

Application process

Each applicant had to submit two distinct proposals:

  1. A talent: what do you understand by a talent? How will you perform Europe? We encourage critical, absurd and paradoxical undertakings as well as sensible and down to earth proposals.

  2. An event: you should propose a location for an event you will be able to host at a European location (not limited to the European Union but all the 51 countries). The event format is for you to envision, however you should be able to facilitate a platform for TREGUA to be performed. We will potentially have further open calls for local participants to join the circus punctually. The event you propose does not necessarily have to have a confirmed venue or finalised logistics at the time of the application, however you should be able to organise it in case of becoming a TREGUA member. What does TREGUA circus look like at your event?

The open call closed on the 30th of April. Participants will be announced on the 15th of May.